Decision time

After just 700 miles I have to admit I’m bored with the Sportrak.
Having replced tyres, clutch, brakes, stereo its now making terminal gearbox noises.

This is not unusual for a TFW-Labs vehicle.

Cant decide what to do with it now so I thought I would ask you lot

How mutch did it cost you? what’s it owe? What would you get for it on fleabay? How mutch for sa new / scrappy gearbox?

Think I shall have this item.

The description has won me over completely

Gee I wonder why… :wink:

:haha: :haha:


Very Good Condition. No leaks nice tight box!

You don’t find many of those nowadays :frowning:

There again, my propshaft mountings aren’t all that secure lately either :smiley: :smiley:

The trick with securing the propshaft is to ensure its mating up to a clean flange.

/me puts down his Finbarr Saunders compendium

I dont understand all of this machanic mumbojumbo.

i say fleebay it and get urself a scorpion Tank as a runaround.

I need only to refer to my bookmarks and wonder where to find £11500 + Vat :frowning:

Thats a nice one… i think they look better in black and white markings.
the first one i even seen was in the brittish tank museum near bornmouth.
TBH i could just see you driving one of those.
just keep your fingers crossed to win the lottery.

Right i had a giggle reading this thread might be me and a mucky mind or i am reading it in a totally different way to others but from wolrams post then TFWs that just got me in stitches no way could i work in a garage if these are proper terms for car parts my mucky mind would just run away with me :stuck_out_tongue:

Buy yourself any Haynes manual and you’ll be in stitches then…

“one shot grease” anyone?

Following the poll results to the letter I chose the least popular option and fitted the nice tight 'box Greased its nipples and it runs!

Now to try a bit of off-roading in it!

The only downside to reading the manual is the section on other equipment options has informed me there was an option to have this vehicle with permananent 4wd and Diff Locks.

Might be changing the 'box again now I have all the tools to do it

… can’t beat a nice tight box for a bit of off roading :wink: