Decision time

The Espace is approaching the latter twilight of its years.
What should I do with it ?

No brainer really. Gotta be the comedy Ebay post. If I can sell my 21 year old Volvo and get £112 for it, I’m sure someone will want your lovelylovely beast :smiley:

ticks button on ebay to send me emails when a seller lists a new item :smiley:

ofc, there’s another option - retain it for if/when DT ever manages to get a free weekend to bring a Freelander to your pad to play about fitting a new clutch. Then at least I can get home when we ignore the Freelander and head off to the BAR !!!

Ill drive the getaway car for the option I clicked :wink:

You had better hurry up then, its MOT expires on 4th July and I dont hold much hope of it getting another one.
Hence the reason its decision time.

Out of curiosity I tried to MOT it today.
It failed on five things so its on Ebay now.

First one to find it wins a free test drive

After speaking to nutters from Ebay I concluded it was better to try one more go at the MOT, never argue with a bloke who can diagnose a failed gearbox by phone and wants to knock a bit off for each stone chip on a £500 car.

The emissions fail was a loose exhaust clamp, not enough coming out of the tail pipe.
The park brake fail needed more work, disks, pads and a spot of brake bleeding.

It passed and will be earning its keep hauling junk to the recycling centre for a bit, skips are expensive and this will be its penance.