Deezer review : Dissapointing stuff

I had a trial of Deezer on my old Blackberry phone and apart from the adverts it worked ok.

So when I got a smartphone to replace it I went for Deezer Premium plus at a tenner a month.

The adverts dissapeared and I downloaded about 50 songs into a few play lists, these got occasional plays as I only have one car that is even remotely phone enabled, CD’s still take priority.

Post Christmas austerity meant a review of why I was skint, a tenner a month isn’t currently looking like value for money so clickety-BOOM and premium plus is gone.

After all I downloaded songs as a paying customer and “Download” means on the local device doesn’t it.
I’ll just be limited to my downloaded library, right ?

Will I $%^% as like.

It plays any random song it can find from your downloads or some other song that it thinks you meant, throws adverts in or just stops playing completely.

What a misleading pile of cack Deezer is, no wonder I cannot find an official forum to vent on.
There must be a Tsunami of seething disappointment from those recently separated from this service just waiting for an outlet.

Even the wierdo Deezer Geezer in the advert looks like he has just kicked somebody square in the pods

Early days on a free trial, but so far Spotify sucks Deezer down in one gulp and blows it out in bubbles.
I dont care about Top Trumps figures for the number of potentially available songs (dependant on geography) but I do care about the seamless way it just Works

Deezer may boast

I don’t stream, that’s what the CD collection or WMA collection is for. Why pay some gimp when I have all the content I need already to hand?

True, I have about 500 CD’s somewhere about the house/garage/Shed-1/Shed-2 that I should really get round to collating including Bilkos 50 or so “Boot fair bargain” CD’s with hand written labels.

The main reason for wanting my phone to play music is I can link it to one of THESE and be able to make a good noise anywhere I want.

Today I was impressed.
I tried pairing my phone with the one car that has the technology to do such things and it works very well indeed.

I was less than impressed when I first tried pairing and hadn’t bothered with it for a while
Deezer just did its own thing and I wrongly assumed it was an Issue with Ford Sync but with Spotify stuff just works, voice control, the column controls will skip tracks.

It also starts the tunes up the moment you turn the key, I parked up in the church car park last night, Spotify decided the track of choice would be from Black Sabbath wen I returned.

Long time Spotify user here… have used all the others too but always seem to end up back with Spotify. One simple thing that Google play couldnt do was crossfade… WTF? and Google have roughly a billion complaints about this on forums yet seem to not care to implement it.

I commute around 2 hours a day and Spotify and Three mobile with around 30Gb of data a month serves me well!!

SIM only I might add. Got one of those Chinese ONE Plus doodas for the playback!

TFWitt that speaker looks #* hot !!! :smiley: