deleted malware, now cant connect?

Cleaned my nieces computer of about 300 files of adware, trojans, virii, spyware, etc. but now I cant connect to the internet! Anyone heard of this, where you remove some malware, and it disables your net connection? Ive tried to repair the connection, etc. but no luck.


when I open up the connections…and hit repair…it says it cannot repair, that the IP address needs to be renewed…
so I go to command line…type ipconfig/release, then ipconfig/renew…but it wont renew…says that the requested service is unavailable??
thinking of just reformatting anyways…

try this link Steve, it may be something :confused:

thanks…will try it out when i get back tonight!

Are you running Windows XP?

doh…forgot to say that…yeah, XP Pro SP2 etc…

EDIT…lspfix did the trick! thanks again Wolram

Good that your sorted Colossusx, I’ll add that link to the windows resource sticky shortly, looks like a handy little app, thanks wolram :slight_smile:


aww, don’t thank me guys … thank :google:

and nice to see it worked for you Steve :slight_smile: