Deleting FC1

hi all,

i recently installed fedora core 1 alongside XP pro to try it out. Everything worked fine but now i want to delete it. I deleted the linux partitions using partition magic 8.0 but then when i booted up, the grub bootloader stopped me from doing anything, it just gave me a load of commands that i can type in. after this i went back into partition magic and ‘undeleted’ the partitions i had deleted. once again everything works fine but now i need to know how to delete it properly.

any help would be greatly appreciated

Get to a dos prompt in windows and type “fdisk /mbr” which should overwrite the linux bootloader with the windows one.

might sound like a stupid question but where is the dos prompt, is that the same as command prompt cos that didnt work

Yes, dos and command prompt are near enough the same thing. Erm… in what way didn’t it work? If it ran but didn’t help, then I’m out of ideas. If it didn’t run, I guess I forgot that it might not be included in all versions of windows and you can try finding it on an older boot disk or similar.

i get the message " ‘fdisk’ is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file

Try installing another Linux over it and deleting.

That might work.
I’ve been unable to remove the linux partition from my drive altogether…:frowning:

Sounds like you just need to remove the bootloader:;en-us;315224;en-us;171611

more at:

Thanks for all the help guys, its all sorted now. It seems to be completly erased.