Dell Powervault 210s

Just got one of these of fleabay to increase the storage on my server. Anybody know if it should do anything when powered up if it’s not connected ?

I haven’t hooked it up to the server - mainly cause I haven’t got a raid card yet (anybody got a dual channel SCSI 160 going cheap??)

I’ve plugged it in to power it up, you can hear a click from the psu’s when they are swiched on but apart from that, nothing. Is it a dud :frowning: or will it only work when connected properly :rolleyes:

What kind of server have you got? I think I’ve got an IBM ServeRAID 4 series card somewhere that I know doesn’t work in Compaq Servers :rolleyes: but have never had the opportunity to try it in anything else…

Don’t know much about the unit, but if it’s just a ‘dumb’ disk shelf, you won’t see any action out of it until it’s hooked up to a RAID controller.

This is what I’m thinking. It is baisically a box with a couple of psu’s some fans and a load of hard disks. There are no electronics in it as such apart from the two SCSI management modules. The guy I bought it off says I should get fans and lights when I power it up but my guess is that I will only get this when the SCSI card ‘switches it on’

My server is a Dell Poweredge 2650 :slight_smile:

Drop me a PM with some snail mail details and when I route it out next week, I’ll send it to you for testing…

If memory serves, it’s a single channel U160 controller - ideal for what you’re wanting.

I would have thought you should get some fan action also. I think we have one of these at work, i’ll check on monday and let you know.

Any joy with this Keith?