Demo scene

After more than years away, I’m thinking of getting back into the demo scene. The arty bit, not games.

I know of, which is pretty comprehensive, but I’m having a bit of bother locating sweet examples of modern demo’s to give me some idea of what modern PC demo’s are like.

Most of my old mates have retired/no longer do it/ gone commercial, whatever.

Seems the scene is much reduced? Does anyone have any suggestions or faves? I’m open to any machine really, though PC is my main machine.

Ta in advance.

Any particular brand of demo you’re thinking about going back to Wheelie?

Nah mate :slight_smile: Just that I’ve got a little less responsibility than I used to have, and perhaps more space to do my own thing pretty soon. I’m way out of date with my coding, and I want to get back into it - even if it’s eye-candy.

The last time I was well into it, it was knocking some idea’s together with Philip Oakey. Been away from it a long time.