Deployment via batch/vbs

Hi all

I have a ‘issue’ that has confused me somewhat.

what we have at work is a very old deployment tool, that at night sends and recieves information.
We periodicly need to send down new information to sites, that we have been doing successfully via a batch script but the problem comes with how long the batch takes to run.
we work on 10 adsl ports with about 5 dial up ports.

what i need to do is actually run a batch that in the eyes of this deployment tool completes fine, so it frees the port, but when it sends the complete notification it runs the installation process.

The problem im having is that when you send a batch to a site it waits on everyline of that batch has finnished (or errored). So if i put a line in a batch to call anotehr batch, it will wait till the other batch has finnished before proceeding on.

I had an idea of running a vbs script that would check the time and date on a pc (2k +xp) and put a schedualed task in to run the installation batch say a minute later. Giving the deployment tool the success and finnished message to free the port and go to the next site on the list.

Problem is that i SUCK at vbs and so was wondering if anyone new a quick and simple vbs that i can run to check the time/date, and then create a scheduald task to run another batch.

Any help would be greatfully recieved!:tiphat:

Could you use start instead of call?

Kevin, is it really that simple? gota try and i will let you know, if it does work you are a star!

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I could kiss you, you made a what seemed a very annoying task SOOOO simple…and at the same time made me feel SOOOOo silly.

But thanks!

Kevin’s good at this and excels at Excel too!!! :smiley: Nice fix Kev :thumbsup:

You flatter me.
Don’t stop :wink: