Dev Clients

Just downloaded the dev client to help test out.
5.4.4 is current for windows

Unfortunatly, Berkley have still not implemented CPU optimisation’s so my benchmarks dropped but worst of the lot was the uploaded work I had (and ready to report) seems to have dissappeared.:frowning: Thanks to Predictor being down :mad:

Other than that…bit of change with the stats page. Nice touches there. Lot easier to read.:slight_smile: The grey and yellow was a bit hard to read…

Addition of an extra decimal point in the completion coloumn in the work tab is apprciated, espcially for CPDN.

All in all look forward to running it a bit more…and hoping to see if the CPU optimisations are added:flip:

I would highly recommend NOT using this release unless you are part of the DEV test team. Some projects servers may not be able to accept results from this client as the version is higher than the server side.

5.4.4 is a performance enhanced release. Linux should display OK buttons where they were previously missing and some text alignment on linux boinc manager should be better.



Oops…now it’s told to me…

Quick change back then methinks:(

EDIT: Dont even think it’ll be an easy change back…it corrupts everything…I really should do a complete clean reinstall :mad: I got workl on my machine from the old client and now the old client wont recognise it…ah…