Device names.

After getting one or two useless messages from XP, I thought i’d come up with one or two of my own.

Device names :-
Variable Thrutch Analyzer.
Electronic oscilating Flange controller.
Homogenous quick setting digital custard.

Error Message :-
Windows has detected that the device ‘Variable Thrutch Analyzer’ is using the same interupt as device ‘Electronic Oscilating Flange Controller’ and has attempted to correct this issue by covering your keyboard in ‘Homogenous Quick Setting Digital Custard’. Please contact your system administrator and kick him in the tabs.

Anyone have anything similar ?

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Device name:
guttiness maximus
recepticle of pies
tartness quotent multipiler
CD marked 5 mixed grills

Error from the Sgt_Bilko application layer: Insufficent “tartness quotent multipiler” ! Please insert “CD marked 5 mixed grills” into “recepticle of pies” to increase “guttiness maximus” which will support a larger “tartness quotent multipiler”

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I like these ones personally :slight_smile:


Device names :-

Large CakeHole

Error Message.

Device ‘Dodgy Yank’ has caused a critical error in device ‘Large Cakehole’.
Stack Overflow - Too many Burritos.
Please contact System administrator for healthy eating options.

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