DHCP stopped working!!

Hi all.
Was just about to move the whole farm to anoter place (free electric power…yay) and I did a last change in dhcpd.conf to wrap it up. commanded the dhcpd to do a restart and all i get is a big red failed sign instead of the green ok.

Did a complete restart (a’la windows ;P) and during boot I still get the same thing, dhcpd error.

So now it’s not running :mad: as the clients don’t find any IPs.
So now it’s troubleshooting, where do I start looking??
All I see is “FAILED”, id like to know why…(obviously)

What did you change ? It will be somthing silly like a missing “;” or something :nod:

I just traded numbers on two blades…but then again. the dhcpd.conf file was open, and I got kids :stuck_out_tongue: .
I’ll recheck.

Yup thats it exactly, " ; " Thanks.