Direct Response Security

Please remove my account
Thank you

Firstly, an introduction to the forum rules. Your post is a clear effort at advertisement by including the links to the company you are representing, so they will be removed. This is to prevent the site being used for commercial gains of companies.

This site does no marketing, and has no marketing spend or usage of google adwords at all. The search is found by organic results, the more active a ‘discussion’ thread is, the more likely a search engine bot will find. The original post is very old, but the fact is has been called on twice by posters defending the company will mean the search engines will index this thread with a high rating.
If I was representing the company, I would have constructed a simple response suggesting that the cold-calling has stopped, or an apology for the distress caused to the original poster. This would allow visitors to the site to decide on whether to deal with the company in question.

I hope this help with your query.


Good luck & peace



Erm, good luck then. :wavey:


It seems a bit wierd in here.

i would suggest most that use this site have other views or are easily led

[QUOTE=chizzachong;444312]This thread is to try and repair some of the damage that has been caused bt a posting with reference to Direct Response Security - a security installations company based in the Midlands (UK) -


Not having much luck are you, a bit like having naked teenage girls on your advertising and hoping it gets ignored .