directory vs sub domain

I was having this debate at another forum. (forgive me)

My space weather section just could not get past 10th, searching Google: Space Weather Forecast.
Everyone said it would kill the search results since the site section has been up for 5 years as a directory. Logic just told me it should help.

I moved the whole Space Weather directory to a sub domain. In 4 days it is now second, just behind

Now I know ~smiles~

so is it now visible through a subdomain and the directory ?


Thats what I would have done - subdomain and directory - or have the subdomain redirect to the directory. Similar to how I have my site setup - my blog has it’s own direcotry on my own domain and the blog domain points to that.

Mind saying that, searching for my blog domain only brings up the directory. I used to be first in google search, now I’m second so maybe having my own domain for the blog was the way to go.

[QUOTE=DoubleTop;455506]so is it now visible through a subdomain and the directory ?


Never moved nothing, just turned the directory into the root directory for the sub domain:

I did create a 301 redirect from

to the sub domain and used a redirect wild card to change all the directory pages to the sub domain too. Till I can get in and change the links properly. (about 40 pages in the space weather section)

Did notice a couple spots drop today, yet still much better then had been. All the redirects may be affecting that some.

Oh of course update the sitemap.