disney films

Hi guys
Been looking around the net today as i do most Tuesdays and i found a few nifty little sites.

Website that send out some free baby toys

Free £10 boots voucher

Free disney films i dont know about you but i love them.

Plus i have just found out im pregnant so baby toys will come in very handy.

Blatant :spam: …Admins please remove. It wasn’t me who got her preggers either. Any of you? :smiley:

Guess that must have been me. I get blamed for everything else.

:woot: the auto censorship thing on that domain worked :smiley:


must have been you mate, I don’t know any women that shop in Boots :lol:

Me neither. The women that look at me are mostly wandering round in slippers.

Heh, my wife would live in Boots if she had the chance.

I quite like girls in boots, just boots.

… with or without the whips ? :devil:

Gets expensive in bedding though, those heels ruin the sheets :wink:

stop wearing them then bitch …:smiley: