Dockers oddness :(

22/01/2010 13:24:27 Docking Message from server: No work sent
22/01/2010 13:24:27 Docking Message from server: (reached daily quota of 8 results)

EIGHT - is that it ? :cry: my quad is a little pumped up with a decent OC at the moment, and even with only 3cores on docking with the other feeding Folding GPU and allowing me to still use the machine, EIGHT :furious:


Had a quick look at my quad (main box) as the only one likely to far exceed 8 a day. Still getting work ok it seems.

Never figured out why one box never got a big cache though…

I thought it was eight results per core , check your results for failed WUs because of your overclock , I had the same my self , but can’t remember if it was Docking or GPUgrid . in any case backing off the OC a bit solved the problem after the 24 hour cooling off period.

no failed units, but a load did go back the other day as client error as the Boinc client knew they were over deadline with me being without motherboard.
I think having it on for a few hours has resolved the scheduler.