Dockers Update. 1-20-10

Team Stats on 1-20-10 at 0036 gmt

178,471 (RAC) Up +2,492

36,664,605 (Overall Credit) Up 207,109

Team Ranking
#2 in RAC-- 57,292 behind #1-- Charity Team

2nd in Overall Credit- 4,833,889 behind – Planet 3DNow!

New Team Members: None

Team Movements:

Cruncher Pete Jumps another 2 spots to claim 37th position
Stomping both Mr SeeD and WORMSS

TLD Stomps Noel to move into 41st position.

USAFA 82 jumps 3 spots to 54th position
Stomping Minidtdan, Brian and PMM


:trophy: Congrats to cswchan on 50,000 credit’s :trophy:

USAFA 82 passes the 2,000 credit milestone. :trophy:

We had a great day of production with RAC and credit gains.
Bad news is we have lost 1st place in RAC to Charity Team.
No hope of catching them during there race. Also Planet 3DNow!
gained 65,000 credits on us the last day and are very close to
knocking us down to 3rd in RAC.
Again thanks to all the Campers for there credits. :tiphat:

Thanks for the status update SJ! :slight_smile:

hmm, I think I might leave Dans’ machine on today whilst he’s at school :lol:

My motherboard returnrs this afternoon !!