Dockers Update. 11-24-09

Team Stats on 11-24-09 at 0012 gmt

138,495 (RAC) Down 481
27,289,878 (Overall Credit) Up 122,530

Team Ranking
2nd in RAC NC
2nd in Overall Credit NC

New Team Members

Team Movements !

The Dirts claim 14th position by Stomping JUGGY

Tom Wilson re-claims 24th position by stomping Luke back!
Looks like a little battle here as they jump back and forth.:argue:

mackerel jumps another spot to claim 27th position by stomping ME!:tiphat:

Spirit_of_the_sixties moves into 31st position after passing WORMSS.

Until tomorrow, keep crunching ! :wave:

Thanks for the update SJ! :slight_smile:

Yes fine work SJ