Dockers Update 2-18-10

Credit to Free-DC for the graphs and stats!

Team Stats on 2-18-10 at 0313 gmt

141,808 (RAC) Up +1,872

40,925,622 (Overall Credit) Up 147,875

Team Ranking
#2 in RAC-- 70,759 behind #1-- Planet 3DNow!

2nd in Overall Credit- 9,697,403 behind – Planet 3DNow!

Metrics Today
Top User - 41,387
Users Returning Work : 23/51 (45.10%)
Points per user yesterday : 6,312
Users going up : 7
Users going down : 25
Users in top 100 : 13
Users in top 50 : 9
Weekly Rank Change : 0
Monthly Rank Change : 0

Team Member Movements:

VK7FGMH Stomps JUGGY claiming 22nd position.

Milestones: None

Another good day of production as RAC continues to move up.
We gained 32,000 credits on Planet 3DNow in the last day.
As you have seen I have put out the call to all members of
any TPR team to join us in Docking for a 10 day Surge to try to
get that top spot for TPR. Hope we can get enough Team support to make it happen.
Until Tomorrow keep crunching.:tiphat: