Dockers Update 2-28-10

Credit to Free-DC for the graphs and stats!

Team Stats on 2-28-10 at 0410 gmt

173,647 (RAC) Up +6,706

42,744,823 (Overall Credit) Up 227,193

Team Ranking
#2 in RAC-- 7,832 behind #1-- Planet 3DNow!

2nd in Overall Credit- 9,446,736 behind – Planet 3DNow!

Metrics Today
Top User :anthonmg - 35,861
Users Returning Work : 36/59 (61.02%)
Points per user yesterday : 6,010
Users going up : 16
Users going down : 24
Users in top 100 : 14
Users in top 50 : 9

Team Member Movements: :stomp::stomp::stomp::stomp:

sujo1 Stomps Spesh claiming 18th position.

Cruncher Pete Jumps 3 spots Stomping JUGGY, bigsheff1 and VK7FGMH to move into 23rd position.

Lonely Stomps SJ761 claiming 29th position.

Lee Ann Stomps Noel moving into 41st position.

P51 Mustang Jumps The Asgard claiming 44th position.

Egad Ivegoninsane is on the move again with a double Stomp of
Michael Roberts and Ike to claim 47th position.

morpheus Stomps Brian moving into 54th position.

Phased_Array starts off with a double Stomp of Phoenix714 and Charlie Hartono Lie claiming 57th position.

Milestones: :trophy::trophy::trophy::trophy: passes 8,500,000 credits. He also moved into the #3 spot overall for Docking. Outstanding achievment!

DoubleTop claimed the #8 spot overall in Docking!

Brooklyn74 passes 450,000 credits.

Lee Ann passes 80,000 credits.

Charlie1 passes 10,000 credits.

morpheus passes 2,000 credits.

Phased_Array passes 500 credits.

Welcome to Phased_Array who joined us today.
All I can say is WOW !! Talk about a lot of Stomps and Milestones!
A great day of production as we had our 4th best daily output of all time.
Rac continues to head north as we close in on the #1 spot.
We also gained another 45,000 credits on Planet3D Now!
Great work everyone, thanks for your contributions!
Keep Crunching! :tiphat:

hmm, I’m going to take a drive to the office today to boost output, I had to do a new OS install on one of the test machines (quad core:chuckle: ) and I ran out of time to finish the install and place Docking on it.

8th overall rocks :headbang:


Rock and Roll!
Awesome crunching!
Thanks for the stats… you getting pretty darn good at this.

Thanks for the update SJ! :slight_smile:

BIG BUMMER as D@H is not generating WU’s as of 14:26 UK time. Have 3 wu’s with under an hour to crunch then I’m completely out of work… :furious: am back to 50/50 on another project FTTB :frowning:

Someone really needs to post a warning to the newly arrived to docking to keep a 1-2 day queue at least for the weekend. I learned that the last time.

That being said, the quad is running its last unit (didn’t want to freak my daughter out if she took a look with all the WUs so left the quad on a 50/50 with WCG and normal .3 queue). I have enough on the duallies to run till tonight then they will be out as didn’t do a full 2 days like I should have. Think for next weekend I will do the full 2 days for all the rigs just to give the surge everything I can (not all that much, but I got 3 stomps in sight I want :D)

You can say that again. Have one computer that I can’t get to stock pile work, it will be out this afternoon. Other two should be good for two day’s.
Just as TPR is gaining momentum with the Surge we get set back again!:frowning:

Good to know about the outage frequency. Luckily my queue was already at 2 days.

/nostalgia on
Reminds me of the good ol’ days when we all ran SetiQ and had our own cache to pull from, or distribute if needed. That was the way to do it.
/nostalgia off

Every cloud has a silver lining, so they say? Just who they are I don’t know, but if we ain’t getting any neither are the competition… I hope? :xfinger:

Guys and gals; I’m good for the weekend, I always cache a minimum of 3 days; usually 6 days; and when involved with something like this surge or a camping trip 10 days …so yes I stole all the WU’s!!!

There’s approx. 120 WU’s on Que on just this one machine; 4 of at least 20 cores (1 of at least 9 machines) active at any given time

Plenty of WUs here, let’s rock :slight_smile:

I’ve tried a few times in the past to up the cache load but for some reason or another it - D@H - refuses to let it happen. Tried again on friday to get it to acknowledge 5 days but was told to p!$$ orf. :slight_smile: or should that be :frowning: ?

Cache limits are directly connected to what your machine can do…if your machine can do 5 Wu’s / day and you request 6 days …you’ll cache 30 Wu’s …BUT…if you have terminated some in the recent past , the server will think that you are a wasted resource…also if you run several projects at once , you can possibly DL more WU’s than can be completed …a history of this will tell the server you are high risk and limit your cache

And it may have been at the time you requested that there were no WUs available. Took me 1/2 day to cache up a day and a half’s worth as I hit it in between stocking time

I have 4 rigs, not one below 2.4Ghz with 3/4 Gb ram. Tried D@H since coming over to TPR to get a decent cache, but no joy? As for the Apple, even though they show an Apple/Intel system they don’t appear to honour it? Has to be either finger trouble or an age thing or both, on my part? :slight_smile: