Dockers Update 2-5-10

Team Stats on 2-05-10 at 0106 gmt

157,780 (RAC) Up 387

39,223,319 (Overall Credit) Up 163,017

Team Ranking
#3 in RAC-- 220,529 behind #2-- Charity Team

2nd in Overall Credit- 9,450,960 behind – Planet 3DNow!

New Team Members: None

Team Member Movements:

Tom Wilson Stomps Damski moving into 27th position.

Milestones: None

Small uptick in production and RAC. Planet 3DNow! has passed Charity
Team to retake 1st in RAC. Only a matter of time before we get 2nd position back.
Not much else to report. :tiphat:

Thanks for the update SJ :slight_smile: