Dockers Update 3-27-10

Credit to Free-DC for the graphs and stats!

Team Stats on 3-27-10 at 0405 gmt

161,905 (RAC) Down -8,676

48,570,921 (Overall Credit) Up 147,208

Team Ranking

#2 in RAC-- 58,994 Behind of #1-- Planet 3DNow!

2nd in Overall Credit- 10,881,176 behind – Planet 3DNow

Metrics Today
Top User - 26,936
Users Returning Work : 18/57 (31.58%)
Points per user yesterday : 6,344
Users going up : 7
Users going down : 29
Users in top 100 : 13
Users in top 50 : 10

Team Member Movements:

SJ761 Stomps JUGGY moving into 24th position.

Bullseye Stomps Andy Williams claiming 32nd position.

Milestones: :trophy::trophy:

TPR passed the one year mark on 3-25-10

Production down with all the problems from Docking.
I have two computers with no work, and can’t seem to get any?
Cograts to all who have help TPR reach number 2 in our first year.
Hang in there as i’m sure it will get better.

Oddly enough, I haven’t been lacking for Docking work at all… just lucky I guess…

Thanks for the update!

Look’s like another weekend with no work from Docking. :furious:

Server software version: 15354

27 Mar 2010 9:45:37 UTC

Server Status
Program Host Status
data-driven web pages docking Running
upload/download server docking Running
scheduler docking Not Running
feeder docking Not Running
transitioner docking Not Running
assimilator34 docking Not Running
targetGenerator34 docking Not Running
wuGenerator34_1 docking Not Running
resultValidator34 docking Not Running
resultCollector34_0 docking Not Running
resultCollector34_1 docking Not Running
resultCollector34_2 docking Not Running
resultCollector34_3 docking Not Running
db_purge docking Not Running
Running: Program is operating normally
Not Running: Program failed or ran out of work
(or the project is down)
Disabled: Program has been disabled by staff
(for debugging/maintenance)
Database/File Status
State #
Results ready to send 0
Results in progress 53,559
Workunits waiting for validation 0
Workunits waiting for assimilation 1
Workunits waiting for deletion 8
Results waiting for deletion 6,096
Transitioner backlog (hours) 0

work is being generated, you just have to be lucky when you connect as the units are being kept to a low generation rate because of disk space issues.


You guys must be having issues if I’ve managed to get into the Top Ten daily producers!!! :smiley: Nice stomp and cheers for the updates Steve :thumbsup: