Dockers Update 3-3-10

Credit to Free-DC for the graphs and stats!

Team Stats on 3-03-10 at 0134 gmt

197,189 (RAC) Up +15,672

43,497,131 (Overall Credit) Up 298,107 our 2nd best day ever!

Team Ranking
#1 in RAC– 20,539 Ahead of #2-- Planet 3DNow!

2nd in Overall Credit- 9,143,351 behind – Planet 3DNow!

Metrics Today
Top User - 50,674
Users Returning Work : 37/60 (61.67%)
Points per user yesterday : 6,187
Users going up : 20
Users going down : 24
Users in top 100 : 14
Users in top 50 : 9

Team Member Movements:

Cruncher Pete Stomps Brooklyn74 claiming 20th position.

bigsheff1 Stomps VK7FGMH moving into 24th position.

Charlie1 Stomps both Michael Roberts and ike claiming 48th position.

Billy stomps Phased_Array moving into 55th position.


TankGirl passes 550,000 credits.

Cruncher Pete passes 450,000 credits.

Tom Wilson passes 250,000 credits.

Charlie1 passes 25,000 credits.

Our second best day ever of production. Rac still heading north and we gained another 110,000 credits on #1 Planet 3DNow!
Great work everyone, way to pull together as a Team.
We got a nice boost today from placidsheep who has started crunching Docking again.
Thanks for all your crunching! Until Tomrow.:tiphat:

:confused: Looking at the stats tonight it appears that docking has changed the credits for the work units.
My computer that usually does 8 work units a day @ 120 credits each, completed 30 work units today.
Most were credited
at 102 credits with about six of them between 45 and 48 credits. :confused:

No wonder we had such a great day in the stats !!

They’re not crossdocking units- since the outage we seem to be getting older units. Not so much credit, on the upside they finish quicker :slight_smile:

Just thought I should let you know that Ive not really started crunching again… I had units that had finnished and yesterday was the deadline…

Due to some networking changes here at work that I cannot control I now am unable to crunch in work… When I get some time ill take another look at windows 7 and docking but as of now I dont really have the time :frowning:

Good luck guys! :slight_smile:

^ :xfinger: you get something sorted. If D@H got there act together I could have upped my contribution by 25%. As it is, the MAC is having to work elsewhere. So, to make up for it I’ll crunch a bit longer for TPR on D@H. Actually, it’s just so that I can spy on you lot for a bit longer without being noticed. :Plot:

Yeah :xfinger: Sheepy. Hope you can get something sorted m8. Great crunching milestoners!! :cool: Cheers for the news SJ :thumbsup:

my highest ‘real’ production day ever, I don’t count the day with 97k that was down to a system error in networking :frowning:

Can’t push much harder than this, going to power up a parallels VM on my iMac to get some Windows units and then I think that’s everything I’ve got.


Awesome job all! and awesome stats…

Hey Heidi!!! :tiphat:
You are User of The Day @ Docking today!!!

Thanks for the update SJ! :slight_smile: