Dockers Update 6-15-10

Team Stats on 6-16-10 at 0216 gmt

160,359 (RAC)

61,137,321 (Overall Credit)

Team Ranking: #1 in RAC-- 45,402 Ahead of #2-- Planet 3DNow

2nd in Overall Credit- 7,126,429 behind – Planet 3DNow

Charts not updated.

Team Member Movements: None


:trophy:DoubleTop passes 9,000,000 credits. :trophy:

:trophy:Monitor-Man passes 1,000,000 credits. :trophy:

sj761 passes 500,000 credits.

Endre passes 5,000 credits.

Congrats to everyone on the big Milestones today!

thanks for the mention :smiley: I made it into the office and found the quad had done a windows reboot and also wanted a password change, that combo had meant Boinc didn’t start up :frowning: Now changed the settings, that’s not going to happen again :slight_smile:


Thanks for the news…

Conger-rats to Monitor-Man on the million!!! :trophy:

:thumbsup: nice crunching both