Dockers Update 7-5-10

Team Stats on 7-6-10 at 0225 gmt

169,153 (RAC)

64,522,697 (Overall Credit)

Team Ranking: #1 in RAC-- 51,367 Ahead of #2-- Team Canada

2nd in Overall Credit- 6,142,016 behind – Planet 3DNow

Team Member Movements:

bigsheff1 Stomps The Dirts claiming 20th position.

sj761 Stomps Lonely for 22nd position.

M.D. Petermeier Stomps ike moving into 51st position.


:trophy: M.D. Petermeier passes 25,000 credits. :trophy:

Quick update today. No charts.
Until Tomoorw. :tiphat: