Dockers Update 9-17-10

Team Stats on 9-18-10 at 0340 gmt

180,249 (RAC)

76,432,987 (Overall Credit)

Team Ranking: #2 in RAC-- 15,082 behind #1-BOINC@AUSTRALIA

2nd in Overall Credit- 1,995,102 behind – #1-Planet 3DNow

Team Member Movements:

The Dirts Stomps Spesh for 18th position.

Egad Ivegoninsane Stomps VK7FGMH for 26th position.

morpheus Stomps Luke for 29th position.


:trophy::trophy: Anthonmg passed 14,000,000 credits :trophy::trophy:

:trophy: Bullseye passed 250,000 credits. :trophy:

:trophy: The_Saint_(LDS) passed 50,000 credits. :trophy:

A big Thank You and Congrats to Anthonmg on crunching another million credits. Your dedication to the project and the team are appreciated. Production has held nice and steady this past week.
We continue to gain on Planet3DNow! and will over take them for #1 in overall credit in just another 16 days !! Lets hope they stay busy with other projects for just a little longer.
I worry about Heidi, has anyone heard from her?
Enjoy the weekend! :tiphat:

Thanks for the news SJ.

Heidi is the inspiration behind the Docking team… We all worry about her.

Who woke Butuz up??? It looks as though I am going to get :stomp: on very soon!!! :frowning:

oops!! I woked up!!! :trophy:

Sorry TheFiend I had to :kickbum:you :newmon::catfight:

Where’s Heidi??? :frowning: :xfinger:


Cheers for the big footprint on my head Butuz!!! :catfight:

Hey guys we’re top RAC now too! :smiley:


voicemail left for Heidi :slight_smile: