Dockers Update 9-2-10

Team Stats on 9-3-10 at 1145 gmt

172,026 (RAC)

73,810,009 (Overall Credit)

Team Ranking: #2 in RAC-- 17,138 behind #1-BOINC@AUSTRALIA

2nd in Overall Credit- 3,769,794 behind – Planet 3DNow

Team Member Movements:

TheFiend Stomps Butuz taking 6th position.

M.D. Petermeier Passes Charlie1 for 45th position.


:trophy:ledconversions passed 16,000,000 credits. :trophy:

:trophy:morpheus passed 350,000 credits. :trophy:

A big congrats to ledconversions on another million is in the bank. Outstanding crunching and dedication to the project and the team. Thank you !

We have fallen to second in RAC as BOINC@AUSTRALIA has blew right by us. They have a long way to go in overall credit so nothing to worry about there for a long time. We continue to steadly cut into Planet 3DNow overall lead. At current poduction it will take another 40 days to catch them. Maybe they will stay busy elsewhere and let us shine on the top of the leader board for a while. :slight_smile:

Otherwise great work everyone, enjoy the weekend and keep crunching! :tiphat:

Wahoo!!! Another :stomp: makes the news!!!

Cheers SJ

we will be catching them up shortly , i7 cored PCs and New 32 Core Servers (Quad Quads ?) are awaiting sign off.

Nice one Judge!!!