Dockers Updates

Hi All,
I am no longer going to be doing the daily updates.
It’s turned into a chore that I no longer look forward to.
I have been just crazy busy the last few months and
going through lot’s of drama in the home life.
I also lost another laptop yesterday so I am down to one cruncher.
Hope someone will pick up the torch and run with it for a while,
if not when, things settle down and I recharge I may have to
step up again. I’ll be checking up on you guy’s so don’t
slow down and let Planet 3DNow reclaim #1 in RAC !!

many thanks for your extended coverage of the stats :slight_smile: A top job indeed, it’s always a bit much when it falls on one person, and that persons name isn’t Curly :lol:

I understand completely, I wonder what I can knock up in my planned week off :slight_smile:


Thanks for the stats! and the extended break for me…
New meds are helping a lot and the partial lung removal is making breathing not as much a struggle.

I’ll take it back now if no one cares… Just keep in mind that I still have days I just don’t function well.

SJ… Thanks for all you have done…

Heidi… well volunteered!!! :smiley:

Thanks for the kind words.

Working on a new format that may be quicker yet still plenty of info.
Progress 90% and stats will be back next day.
But now it is bedtime…

I got it… I think… ran a few test with IDM for scheduled selected page downloads and WinMerge for quick comparisons and edit, and looks like it is a go for tonight (my tonight)
First time frame comparison will be less then 24 hours for the first time though.
Oh and some new graphics to spice it up some.