Docking - did someone leave ?

Glancing at the stats, looks like we have a leaver :frowning:

Bungee cord anyone?


Members of Scientific Frontline
Name Total credit Recent average credit Country

  1. Profile Scientific Frontline [Founder] 788,015 0.09 United States
  2. CrazyBanana 4,100 0.08 Thailand

Can’t remember

How do you mean? When you leave you don’t take your work units with you. Ledconversions stopped large scale crunching a while back which has dropped our RAC loads but apart from that I see no change?


Oh I see what you mean now. Everyone below Spesh has gone up one???



Looks like KWSN-Sir Papa Smurph has returned home to the Knigits… :frowning:

He was still with us? Very cool for the extended stay :thumbsup:

Hmm didn’t think crunched credit transferred with you!!!


[QUOTE=Butuz;463869]Hmm didn’t think crunched credit transferred with you!!!


The credit crunched for a team stays with the team.