Docking@Home Kwikstats

Strikes me as all these graphs are live then a simple removal of the metrics (which are linked to on Free-DC anyway) means we can have just one Kwikstats entry which is used over and again. If you agree please sticky mod

Thanks to Free-DC and boincstats for the data

Detailed production and stomp data @ Boincstats

Thanx for the stats Mojo. As a heads up I’ll be moving back onto WCG after the current crop of D@H units complete. As I stated some time back, I was in until I reached the .5mill. Just might get another scalp though (a heads up for Vortex) before sloping back to TP. Thanks for the ride, it’s been a joy.

I will pop in from time to time to see what’s what, after all that’s what spies do. :slight_smile:

Always welcome dear boy, even as a spy :slight_smile:

something strikes me that the second image has gone a bit doo-lally, everyone being 10% :smiley:


Bloody PC kicking in… everyone is equal. :wink:

I am hardly in the position to say otherwise… Yet could get to be confusing with responses…

Don’t be so sure:D
I may still have a trick or two left:whip:

^ Too late dear lady, I rocked your boat some time ago. :smiley:

Yes you did
That is just because I was sleeveless:D
I’ll Be Back