Docking@Home problems...

More duff units back in the mix so check out WU progress or the lack of it. Have just binned over 17 units two of which had 10hrs between them. One crashed on start-up, the others just didn’t show any progress. Off now to check the other rigs. :xfinger:

Update: Binned another dozen or so, yet again some with 10+ hrs with zero progress. Out of the new downloads another 3 were duff.

Was thinking it might have something to do with the new BOINC version, but it’s only on one rig as I haven’t updated the others as yet, so it is down to the WU’s and not the new proggie version.

Your not alone, I had two computers crunching for over 8 hours with zero progress!
Wasted effort just sucks!

looking at my numbers, I must be lucky, I don’t seem to have any machines stuck, fingers crossed though :xfinger:


Units ready to send = 0. It’s official then, the TPR surge broke Docking@Home :wink:

[QUOTE=DoubleTop;450569]looking at my numbers, I must be lucky, I don’t seem to have any machines stuck, fingers crossed though :xfinger:


Me too, haven’t had a single one

One computer out of work, second one was full of work units that did not progress,
Third still crunching. Stats are going to suffer.


So that raises the question: in creating a surge did we help the project by returning lots of results quickly, or hurt it by breaking their system? :smiley:

Since it is down, I’m returning to other duties but will leave my account parked here for now.

@ SJ761… I’ve been trying to PM you here …no joy …check yours @ …no hurry

Same here, almost everything I had was bad. Picked up QuantumFIRE as back-up job. Its in alpha stage and thought a few WU’s would help them get set up better.

Docking is back send out work units.
All computers back to crunching !

But not generous… sent me one task LOL

found a duff unit :frowning:

10/03/2010 10:21:04|Docking|Reason: Unrecoverable error for result 1ohr_47_mod0013b_413_268165_0 (aborted by user)
10/03/2010 10:21:05|Docking|Starting 1hvk1ajv_mod0014crossdockinghiv1_3951_283140_1
10/03/2010 10:21:05|Docking|Starting task 1hvk1ajv_mod0014crossdockinghiv1_3951_283140_1 using charmm34 version 623
10/03/2010 10:21:06|Docking|Computation for task 1ohr_47_mod0013b_413_268165_0 finished

17h35m that one had been going and stuck on 0%, that one was on windows

found another couple on the linux boxes, 25hours of computation time and stuck on 0%.

10/03/2010 10:41:03 Docking Computation for task 1iiq_44_mod0013b_4519_357421_0 finished
10/03/2010 10:41:04 Docking Computation for task 1iiq_44_mod0013b_4527_293724_0 finished


I was just about to ask the more knowledgable crunchers amongst you about the no progress after 15hrs syndrome…I’ve had three machines making no progress for four days. How can I sift out the good w/units from the bad ones…or can I???:tiphat:

I just removed all the units on the machine with the same starting code, I did try a few more and left them running for 5-10mins and they all had the same issue.


Just had some stuck on zero all appeared to have the same to completion time of 52.01 before running them.


Suspend all WU’s then select and run 1 or 2 at a time - dependant on number of cores. After 1 minute or so - dependant on the initial run time shown - if they haven’t shown a % increase, they are duff. Work your way through stopping those that are shown to work and then move on down through the units. Once sorted, just un-suspend the workers and bin the rest. Worked for me and because of the problem I did the same when new WU’s were downloaded onto the PC. A bit of a prat on I know, but at least you get results.

Must be lucky. I’ve picked up a load of Charm34a2s and they’re all crunching OK so far :xfinger:

:furious: Found 1 machine with a unit at 1% after 91 hours, working through units now on all machines, if no movement from zero in 5 mins I have aborted the unit. :o:sigh:.