Docking problem response from Developer

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Trilce Estrada
Project developer
Project tester

Posted 26 Mar 2010 18:58:45 UTC

During March 10-11 we had a big problem with the server, which was running out of space and therefore several workunits were sent empty. On March 10 we stopped the production, increase the server partition and resume distribution. I want to think that the problems of workunits with 0% progress are still some of those created during March 10-11, what worries me the most is that now it’s been 15+ days and you are still having the problems.

If any of you with the problem could post a link to one of those eternal workunits it would be great, so that we can take a look into the input files, in the meantime we are trying to identify what can be wrong, and if the problem is contained to those old wu’s or if it is spread

I’ve been chasing :slight_smile: