Docking Thoughts

KWSN have increased to 43 members… (almost double)
Think they still want to play some more.

Don’t think we can take Top Spot from Canada in RAC without more team players… Pimp your friends!

and other TPR members… please consider adding even a little CPU time.
Be awesome to see Phoenix Rising a #1 team in a project, and the ground work for this one is well laid! It can be done with your help.

Thanks for considering in advance.

43 members (pun intended) but less than 25% of our output, so no worries yet. It’ll be about 2 weeks before we pass USA for top 10, they won’t get near us before then without a major rethink in priorities at the Shrubbery.

And if they do, like I have said before, they will soon get bored, and we just retake them. Docking wins :slight_smile:

I needed that… everyone in this team has really put their all in, you all deserve the top spot… Phoenix Rising deserves it.
and such a victory will most likely make others take a look at TPR when joining a team.
Thanks again for the confidence boost!

Recently added the kids old Socket A 1.8Ghz.

Now I’m out of computers…work won’t even entertain the idea.:frowning:

Shame really, there are a couple of thousand PC’s that do :o overnight.

Oh well :sigh:

Found a home for my spare 8800GT from bits in the loft - another quad into the frame for Docking and GPUGRID - slow memory though . :sigh:

Got my quad running now. so theres 2 more cores, not on all the time but should double my output.

my quad is off, and so is my laptop, out of units and set for SIMAP once this months units are available :slight_smile:


Big hugs to all!
Yet think I might have to take DT to the office for a talk… Hmm am I allowed to do that to him… He does control the big red button

My main rig is down, while it waits for me to get the new Quad running in it :cool: I thought I could stick it in and get it working last night before going out, but vista blue screened on me and won’t boot now :cry:

Seems I need to update the bios to get it sorted :slight_smile:

This zero completion thing is becoming a pain. I can’t get any work that starts, so I’m all turned off for now and put the main rig to crunching Sztaki, as none of my other projects have any work. Sorry guys. Let me know when it’s all sorted.

I didnt have time to check mine today… probably all screwed… ah well… wont know till next tuesday…

seems thats all the units that are coming out, switched a core or two to seti as ran out of docking units that will actually run now. :frowning: