Does anyone know where my cards are?

Does anyone who attended Mojos know where several Netgear GA311 cards went? They were by the curtain (where the buffet was).

These were not team property but mine - if anyone has taken one by mistake please contact me soonest.


I was led to believe they were for sale and paid into the fund for the last one in an attempt to get above 2mb/sec.
If you want a replacement I’ll order one up.

I think GK has one as well, monies put into the TPR fund. Guilty being Sgt who thought they were ones in the kitty from when PMM brought a load last time.

btw, did you get the vmlinuz kernel mail ?


Yes thanks m8 got your mail.

Taking them isn’t a problem - however the TPR fund didn’t own them, I did.
I’ll take the money out of the TPR fund for the cards (the fund is here) - I believe there were 3?
I paid PMM £15 each for them (they were the leftovers from his bulk order at the last “do”) - what was put into the kitty?

Sarge led me to believe they were TPR fund ones and promptly flogged me one for £15.

If you want to sort it out another way then PM me Mojo.

I think PG had the 3rd.

Appologises all round.


OK guys we’ll do this the easy way, I’ll remove £30 from the kitty for the monies GK & TFW paid in.

I’ll wait for confirmation for the third card.

No need for apologies - I didn’t need them, was just holding them here on behalf of TPR :slight_smile:

I know TG didn’t take the third as she said to Sarge just as she was leaving that she couldn’t afford it or something and gave it back to him, don’t know who did have it though :shrug:

yeah Hids is correct I did hand mine back to sarge, so not guilty…

:slight_smile: No worries TG I just want to know the card was taken and the monies paid into the fund - I can then take out said monies with a clear conscience.

Hmmmm! :lol: :chuckle: