D'oh...that's going to hurt the production a bit :(


Well, what can I say…computers suck sometimes and so does not paying attention to the folding forum.

The last 24 hrs I have had basically 0 production from my home machine as the 6.22 SMP executable was having some issues (there is a drop-in replacement 6.23 version available). On top of that, as I’m trying to get the SMP back up on my machine, Vista, my firewall and my antivirus all whine that they need to update. Sheesh…almost a dozen re-starts later I think (hope) thinkg are back up and running again…


Oh well…it’s going to hurt my production a bit, but hopefully I’ve nipped the problems in the bud for now. We’ll see when I get home if things managed to remain stable or not. Of course, this happens when another one of the farm is down too… something tells me I may be sub-2000ppd for a little bit.

I guess I can’t complain though…I was lucky to keep it over 1000ppd not that long ago.

I’ve been playing Fallout 3 for the last couple of weeks and have to stop the GPU clients when I do. As such, Curly is starting to inch away from me when I ALMOST had him! :frowning: I… Must… Continue… To… Get… My… FALLOUT FIX!!! ARRRGH! :bondage:

Hehehe…well, on the good news side, I got home this evening and the smp client is stable again.

well that’s good news :thumbsup:


These are the joys and tribulations of Folding

Just think how much effort we used to have to put in, though, and these days it is a breeze!

True enough, AR, true enough.

Well, let’s see if I can get my numbers up a bit more…I figure I can keep it over 1500ppd barring anything drastic happening, though I’d love to keep it closer to the 2000ppd mark. After all, we’ve got to try to claw our way back to the top 100, right :wink: