Dontcha love corporate?

A while back I asked for a little help on a site I was developing for internal use at work. I put in at least 40 to 60 hours of work, I’m getting ready to migrate the old site’s data over to the new one and my management pulls the rug out from under me. They don’t want to go with this plan, and have asked me to get with the Sharepoint admin at work. I didn’t even know we had this, but alas, I’ll drop my baby project and go take a look.

Sure enough, it meets our needs, so I can set it up. It makes sense, seeing as the Sharepoint systems are on the central network, backed up, and secured, where my server would be sitting at my desk (although it would be backed up to the recovery server). So now I get to start all over, learn something new, and figure out once again how to migrate all of these static pages into a different system, particularly one where I don’t have access to the OS.

What OS did you have in mind before Shearpoint was suggested ?

I’ve never used Sharepoint so have no idea what it does for external users other than what I’ve just googled.

Sorry for the delay… I had Fedora FC5 loaded and everything ready except to migrate the old static pages into the SQL database, which I was still trying to figure out how to do that.

Sir Celticskyhawk of the Large Rock in GA…Sharepoint is not the difficult. The .NET & FRAMEWORK 2.0 and (3.0 is coming shortly) can do some pretty amazing things. I would think your company has SQL 2003 running under the Sharepoint for data so your SQL can move over fast. The pages you have made with just need redirection to that thru the DNS & Sharepoint so you may be in better shape then you think. You can use VBScript/VB.NET and well C# to pull together some pretty cool stuff…now yes SQL would have been easy for a smaller group to maintain but if it’s company wide & the foundation is set in IIS & Sharepoint well your path has been set. If you need some help just yell…but not to loud I’m programming, hey kids thats by PS2 controller…good luck!