Doom (2005)

Film of Doom 3 pretty much:)

Thought it was good except they went for a non satanic route:(

but otherwise very good.
The two computyer geeks in the room wtaching were discussing the iD software references and game references throughout while eveyone else was discussing the fact that wew were talking over the film:p

The bird in it is fine! Must be cold up there on that planet :wink:


[rant on]Worst film ever :mad:

Really poor, I was at least looking forward to the first person shooter action in the film and there was very little it, and very little of anything else. I’d stick to the game, much more fun, and I’d still give the game 3/10![/rant off]

Phew, glad to get that off my chest! :wink:

Yeah the film was awful, even worse than expected :p. I’m sure the DVDs will make good frisbees.

16.99 for frisbee? whats wrong with AOL discs :lol:

this film wasnt worth the time and effort they put into making it…

I find that many of the newer “blockbusters” are crap anyway :rolleyes:

car chases, explosions, female assasins, vampires, etc etc … and mostly shot with annoying flashbacks/wierd lighting/picture in picture sequences …

oh, and anything billed as “Best (horror/comedy/action) Movie of the Year” should be avoided at all costs :nod:

just my observations on todays film industry :wink: