Down Peasants

Feeling a bit uppercrust this morning. OMG we’ve got peacocks on the ‘Estate’
(well a peahen in the garden anyway)

Nearest place is Brownsea Island about 5 miles as the peacock flies. :slight_smile:

Wonder what they taste like

What are you going to do with it?

BBQ :smiley:

Cool! I think magpies are the most elaborate birds I see in my garden.

:cool: That is so cool, the nicest bird we see in our garden is the missus :puke:

Next door neighbour is nice as well :lol: :sneaky:


Looks like the grass needs cutting again but it will have to wait till I’ve put the arial back up.
Pole sheared right off at the clamp :mad:

and Mrs B has fixed the gaziebo :mad::mad:

Arial’s like a razor. S’pose I’m lucky its only the canvas.
Good stuff that coax. :slight_smile:

Windy weather Mr.B?

Yeah. That and an incompetant arial installer by the look of it. Its only been up 18 months and shows classic work hardening fatigue striations. Crack propogated to around 180 deg (dark area) then decided enough was enough.

I think the Aerial installer is going to be getting a nice phone call :nod:

Imagine his horror when he realises he installed it for an engineer that knows a lot of long engineering type words that no-one else understands :confused:


not surprised, for an aerial pole that long the wall thinkness of the tubing is too thin
surprised it lasted as long as it did, esp with an high gain aerial those ones capture a
lot of wind.

Lucky it didn’t take out a window. Definetly a defect in material and workmanship. :wink: