Dr Who

Daughter missed tonights episode, any idea if/how/when it can be watched on the comp (streaming ? whatever ?)


I’m sure it’s repeated on beeb3, and that someone here will have a pvr that will have recorded it :xfinger:

I thought it was one of the better episodes - but won’t spoil it :smiley:


I don’t often watch it, but yeah, thought it was a good one.
Daughter was out at a friends, and wife forgot to press record :rolleyes:

I’ll check beeb 3 anyway :thumbsup:

ahaa - Sun 1 Apr, 20:00 - 20:45 Thanks DT :tiphat:

Cheers Wolly. I caught the last 5 minutes. (Was watching Robots on Sky Movies :D)

Aww Just this second deleted it. Could have burned it for you.

Thought it was a bloody good episode, had everything in it and kept two adults and two kids interested, exactly what Dr Who is all about :thumbsup:

I recorded it onmy V+ box is there anyway to extract it for you?

It’s OK Andy, she’ll watch it tonight on Beeb 3 :tiphat:

thanks for the reminder, set mce to series record, all episodes, so even if I mis one it’ll get he next :slight_smile:

Watch out, the first one at 7 O’clock on Beeb 3 is “The Runaway Bride”, a repeat of the Christmas episode - The new one is at 8, with Dr Who Confidential at 8:45 :slight_smile:

no worries m8

aaaarrghhh it’s got that stupid damn “spoken” soundtrack added :furious:

This the BBC 3 repeat, I watched both episodes on freeview and they were normal for me.


You know I watched the whole first season of the new Dr. Who (big fan of the old series’). But I missed everything after that. They switched times on me in Canada. I was just wondering if it’s any good after the change in actors. And whether I should look in to it again.

Personally I liked the second season even more, David Tennant does a really good doctor imho, mixing slightly insane with serious and humorous very well, definitely worth a look Balte :slight_smile:

Second season had a couple of very weak episodes, but the actor is very good (and I think he’s still getting better) :).

Good to know :tiphat: I’ll have to try finding them for bittorrent when I get my computer up and running again.