Droning on

TFW Towers has an urge to buy a ruinously expensive toy.

Has anyone had a go with a drone ?

You can buy a DJI with a “Refresh package” where it can be replaced twice if the technology is defeated by the power of stupid, something I really cannot rule out!

Open water seems to see off quite a few of them

I had a cheaper drone that had about four flights and then got bored very quickly.

It was quite limited though, that looks more meaty.


I still have that magic touch, buy the best I can justify and…

A new model is released at a slightly higher price with a better spec

12 flights in and no crashes yet, even flown over water and it hasn’t turned into a submarine!

pro drone pilot

not long now and you’ll be on the drone racing channels sponsored by RedBull :smiley:

I still get confused with left and right or port/starboard over water being reversed when flying towards me so the scope for calamity is ever present.

18 flights now, excluding the ones where I forgot to press the record button… :doh:

Bring it up the LAN TF.
Will it overclock ?