Duke Nukem Forever for £3.74

I brought it last night, as long as you’ve not got the game on some sort of pedestal for taking 12 years to develop, it’s good not-quite clean and not-quite harmless fun :wink:

It’s goes a little bit further with the innuendo, and the language is a little naughty, best played with headphones if the wife is in the room :lol: The dancing girls are back from the Duke3D original and the oversized overpowered monsters are as ridiculous as ever.

It go slated in reviews, but it passed a few hours last night and it will get played to completion, unlike Shogun2 or DeusEx which I got recently as freebies and there’s a reason in my opinion they were given out free. They may be pretty games to look at and hence why GFX cards give them away free, but someone forgot usability and playabilty. Dull, dull dull games.


looks at system requirements… that makes it a little more expensive than £3.74 :frowning:
would love to give it a go for fun, ah well

mine just set everything to ultra graphics level :smiley:

i7 with a GTX460, and I did turn it down slightly as there was some evidence of tearing, but MSI Afterburner showed the GPU at 95%, so I just overclocked the GPU a little more :lol:

I’d like to play it just for the humour and at that price it might be worth it.

it’s not worth the full asking price, and yes I’d have been miffed if I had paid full price, but at this price to add to the growing list of steam games installed - it’s an epic deal :smiley:

Speaking of retro games, how about this for a re-imagining

I was tempted by this, but there’s still soooo much left in Skyrim :smiley:

Syndicate was awesome in its day, not sure how it’ll translate to FPS though.

Also speaking of retro… Baldur’s Gate rumours abound after this popped up recently www.baldursgate.com (turn the volume up) :eek:

Nice teaser. Hope there’s more to come soon.

Duke completed not a full 24hours after purchase on “Come Get Some” level, played a few of the bosses with “Damn I’m good” (equivalent of the old nightmare level).

In hardest difficulty it’s truly hilarious, the monsters come back to life if you merely kill them and leave a corpse :lol: So a shotgun to the head when they are dead on the floor makes sure, they you can’t see anything as blood splatters over your screen. I wishI had done it on hardest first go, but I remember the insanity of the bots on the original so gave it a miss.