Duke Nukem Forever

Any who is actually old enough to remember the original purchased it yet?

Reviews are full of youngsters berating it as it doesn’t “look” pretty :sigh:

Does the actual gameplay match that of the original is what I want to know :slight_smile:


“shake it baby”

Doesn’t come out until the 13th on Steam. I’ll let you know on the 14th… lol! I do however, think it’s cool they used some good ol’ Billy Squier for the trailer… even if it’s a bastardized version. How far off can the game be?

Kids will never appreciate anything for content, so that’s a lost cause. Unfortunately they are growing up in an era where the focus is on visuals, so that’s what they will be interested in. They won’t look at the quality until they are much, much older. Old enough to start griping about how their own kids don’t appreciate the quality of content… :wink:

BTW… this game is rated 17+… how do the kids know what it looks like :confused:

As long as they’ve kept the humour in it. That’s what I used to like.

This game is brilliant :slight_smile: I remember the older ones… :smiley:

I remember playing Duke Nukem Land of the babes :smiley:

Should I admit I never played the original?.. I am old enough to remember it coughWolfensteinDoomQuakeetc

You can download and run it through dosbox. Sound is a bit iffy to setup on modern machines but the game works OK.

Seems they’ve fixed the sound now. Downloaded and installed the latest DosBox and then downloaded and installed the shareware Duke3D. Been playing it for a laugh and I was surprised how many of the secrets I remembered from nearly 14 years ago. What a great laugh it is. Graphics and controls are nowhere as good as more modern games, but the gameplay is still there as well as the humour. Good fun all round.

Have a go if you haven’t played it before or not for a while at least.

no no no - that just won’t do, I’ve load of work to do …

clicks link

:lol: Resistance is futile! :chuckle: