Duron Temp..OTT?

Yesterday had a scare. Had to mess with the media center at one point because it gave off a load of beeps…

Turned it off and restarted and ust as a precaution I thought I’d look at the temperature… It’d hit 61 degree’s C:(

I dropped the mobo cut off temp down 5 degrees as a precaution (it’s not shut off yet…) Cut off is now 70 or 75 IIRC

According to here it can with stand temperature’s of 85 (1.8GHz Applebred)…

Currently the case has one 120mm fan on the rear. Debating whether to increrase the number of fans. (believe I have a section on the side to attach a 80mm fan). The chip also has a standard heatsink/fan combo. Is it worth upgrading that? Admittly there’s probably little airflow around the case…:frowning:

If i were you, i would tidy up the cables around the CPU and play around with the fan on the back (switch it from taking in air to pushing it out and vice versa) and see what temps you get out of that.

Cables are tidy and the fan is already pushing air out;)

well try the fan pushing air in :wink: im sure he said and vica versa :stuck_out_tongue: