e-commerce software

A friend of mine is looking to set up his own business next year when he leaves the Police force. He wants to sell parts and accessories for motorcycles and is looking for suitable e-commerce software.

He has looked at several packages, all claiming to be the best but he is in no position to ‘test’ them.

Any advise on what is good - preferably that you have used - would be much appreciated.

I’ve done some work using this one that a person in a similiar situation used.

It was pretty easy to skin, that was the bit I was involved with, I understand credit card stuff and accounts management and stock levels all works out of the box.


I honestly can’t say what it is like today did tinker with many years ago but I know it has quite a following.


Type of package that certainly Overclockers used was by http://www.actinic.co.uk/index.shtml

Not to rain on the parade, but I would look first at Accounting, and how he/she will get data from the site to process orders. Many people run, and build a cart first to find later that they are required to hand enter the data again into the accounting. Being able to say work with MS Small Business Accounting, or Quickbooks is a big plus! Make sure you first get the #1 thing covered then select, and demo from that point! Just my two cents, and let me tell you that these are two cents worth listening too! Had a client do it other way round, and he had to hand enter 150+ transactions a day into accounting before I wrote a few scripts, and used my knowledge to get into Quickbooks for him. Cost him 3000 grand to code a program that saved him 3 hours a day!