Eating habbits?

After a meal last night with some friends the wife and I realised that what we think of as normal food is not thought of as normal by others.

We started with smoked salmon, in lime juice, olive oil, Balsamic vinegar, a pinch of pepper and grated cucumber. This is left to sit in the fridge for a few hours as the lime cooks the salmon. This is served with fresh bread and a bit of mixed salad.
Next was roast chicken breast, stuffed with motserela and wraped in smoked bacon, with roast potatoes and sotaed cabage and baby carots topped with crispy bacon bits.
To finish was a chocolate fudge cheese cake type thing (the only thing bought ready made).

Now I know this is a bit extravagent (it dosen’t happen that often), but to my mind there’s not any extreme’s of anything there, but to see the face of one of the people we were having dinner with you’d have thought we’d put goats testicles and monkley brains on their plate.

Now after talking about it for a while it’s gotten me intrested in whats ‘normal’ so I have a quest for you.

Record what you eat for a week then post it up here, I think it could be intresting, I’d like to see a good interesting spread of age group and social backgrounds as well as cultural background.

So come on for a giggle, Tell us your eating habbits.

Sounds good for a laugh :lol: After a rather indulgent christmas I guess this week I ar been mostly eating… salads :slight_smile:

full fry every morning yay @ me

Sounds fair…also give me a chance to see what the hell I do actually eat and then realise why I’ve put on weight :s

nothing strange about that… sounds very nice actually…

kebab, extra salad (mkes me feel bettr) - hot sauce that burns on entry and exit.


Day 1
4 coffees with 2 sugars
sweet and sour chicken with rice
couple of poppy and sesame biscuits with cheese
pint of diet coke
handful of cherry tomatoes
6 Thorntons chocolates
3/4 of a cadburys chocolate orange

Dammo, I make chicken stuffed with mozerella & wrapped in bacon quite frequently, but I also add BBQ sauce about 10 mins before it’s ready and serve with wedges :smiley:

My eating habits are very bad, and while I don’t eat a lot of sweets, biscuits etc I am very guilty of using ready made dinners a lot, such as battered fish, breaded chicken etc

Anyway, today so far I have had…

2 small rolls with cheese, picalilli & bacon crisps
Lots of Pepsi Max :smiley:

Back to my regeime.

Cerial and skimmed milk for breakfast
Beef sanrnie, wholemeal bread, mustard instead of butter :devil: 2 apples and 2 oranges for lunch
Down the gym after work then a healthy tea prepared lovingly by my wife :rolleyes:

I followed this for most of last year. I lost 2 stone (28kg) I dropped from a 36" waist to a 34" and from a 44" chest to a 42". Problem is since mid November I’ve put the best part of a stone back on and those 34" trousers are a bit tight :lol:

Rhight ho…

Yesterdays intake…

Day 1
Tin of Beans on 2 slice white bread
Mince Pie
Tin of soup with 2 slices white bread
Lemon curd sanwhich
Too much Pepsi Twist :s
Double Vodka
4 cans of cider

You eat way too much bread Drezha :eek: Not that I can talk :lol:

Today I have had:

2 slice Hovis best of both - toasted with flora & peanut butter
Sandwich with cheese, garlic ketchup & salt & vinegar crisps (ok so crisps are another downfall of mine)
A couple of chocolates (well ok 3)
About to have sweet and sour chicken & rice made with healthier option sauce & using fry light cooking spray instead of anything like veg oil.

6 slices?

but bread’s good for you :confused:

Day 2
Bowl of Friut and fibre…semi skimmed milk
Glass apple juice
Cup of green tea
Tin of Tomato soup with 2 bits white bread
Fish and chips with curry sauce…
Double Vodka (yeah na odd new years resolution but meh :stuck_out_tongue: )
Can of cider…

but I know I have more cans, more vodka and chocolate in th efridge :s

Day 1
Pint of tea
Honey Nut Cheerios
1/4lb Beef Burger & Chips
4 Chicken Gourjons w/ 1/4 of a tin of beans and 1/4 of a plate of chips again :smiley:
Pint of hot chocolate

Too much bread can sometimes bloat you Drezha, and you’re supposed to have a balanced diet :stuck_out_tongue:


I sit on one side of the scales and put the food on the other…when it’s balanced I eat it :lol:

ah but tis quick and easy to use, and cheap…:chuckle:

Hey at least I less today :stuck_out_tongue: and now I’ve got a Best of both bread…white and tasty but as good as brown bread :smiley:

here you all go, a spy into my life,

Day one, Tuesday 3rd
2x Coffee, black 1 sugar
packet of wotsits
3 Bourbon Biscits
Steak and Mushroom Pie, Chips, Baby Carots, sweetcorn and peas
Couple of slices of Garlic Bread
Handfull of liquirsh allsorts
2x cup of tea milk 1 sugar
Day two, Wednesday 4th
2 1/2 slices toast, flora spread
2 rounds (4 slices) cheese and pickle sandwiches
packet of BBQ flavour crisps
coffee, black 1 sugar
Home made chilly & rice
2 pints cider
‘rollover’ hotdog
Day three, Thursday 5th
2 toasted muffins
tuna salad, packet of crisps, banana
chicken & veg pie, potato croquetes
syrup tart & icecream
2 large cups of tea
Day four, Friday 6th
2 toasted muffins
small chips & a couple of chicken nougarts
dinner at friends house
chilly & rice, natchos
strawberry cheesecake to finish
Day five, Sat 7th
2 boiled egg’s & 2 toasted muffins
Chicken and bacon ‘subway’
crispy beef & 1/2 mushroom rice
cup of tea
mince pie
Day Six, Sun 8th
Smoked sausage,pepper&onion omlete
Batterd Fish (ex-frozen), Mash & spageti
Day seven, Monday 9th
2 slices butterd toast
2 coffee
chips & chicken nougarts
2 coffee
Spageti bolognase & garlic bread.
cup of tea