ebay help

how to I report someone for illegallity on ebay ??

found an auction and well its illegal and he says it himself !!



there ya go

I’d just leave him to it, might be bait to lure people that want to copy it for themselves.

He’s only on 6 feedbacks and probably wont make 7 selling stuff like that

Already reported him…

Yeah me too. I was feeling antsy today and figured why not mess him up.

We will review the listing(s) you have reported for violations of our
Bootleg Recordings Policy. We often rely on members like you to bring
such violations to our attention. In light of eBay’s privacy policy, we cannot share with you any action taken by eBay with respect to this listing. If we determine that the
listing violates this policy, we will remove the listing or suspend the
seller. Account suspensions are usually reserved for those sellers that
repeatedly disregard policy.

its already been removed…what was it?

star wars: episode 3: revenge of the sith !!

and he clearly stated ‘This is not out yet’ … ‘this is illegal’…

mofo got what he deserved !!

People like that prat deserve all thats coming to them! Was he born without a brain?


That deserves it…maybe send the police knocking…

stupid stupid man

and like that, he’s gone…

come on why not go and set-up a little stall in reception of your local police station selling illegal dvd’s and drugs…ye dont do it there ?? why on ebay in front of millions of ppl… and why the heck do ppl bid on them :S:S