Ebay:- well, i'm giving up to work tommorow and doing this

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NOTE: This is an executable Ebook complying fully to eBay listing policies with some relevance to the category! I am the author and copyright holder!
Earn £500 a week from your INKJET PRINTER!

I’m working from home just a few hours a week with an income most ordinary people only dream of. It’s not a high-tech or custom-built state of the art home office. In fact it’s an Ikea office in a cupboard.

I’m not the world’s tidiest home worker either, but I AM successful. And getting more so every month.

I’m earning a minimum of around £2000 a month and last month I earned over £2600 (at the time of writing January 2005). I can’t see this decreasing,

But most important of all – I can NEVER see myself working for anyone else as long as I live!

It’s a well-known fact that you’ll never get rich working for someone else. But it’s very hard to see this until you are self-employed. When you actually get around to making the move and start working for yourself you will ask yourself, as I do, each and every day, why didn’t I do this years ago?

Well put that thought on hold for a while until you’ve read through this publication. You may just find that you’re in a better position to fully consider the question.

You’re about to find out:

• How a picture says a thousand words, but also earns a


• Why you will never be short of people desperate to give you


• Why people will be smiling and laughing as they happily hand over money to you.

• Why people will be practically begging you to take away some of your products!

• Why your inkjet printer is worth £500 each and every week.

• How it’s much more fun to give up your job and use your brain to survive, rather than rely on a steady (poor) wage packet.

• Why NOT working for an employer can make you rich

• Why buying an Ikea office in a cupboard can save your

relationship (sorry couldn’t resist that – my other half almost left when I first started out – my paperwork was ALL over the house!)

• Finally, you’ll discover that you are an intelligent, enthusiastic human being capable of creating your own wealth, despite being down-trodden and having your confidence ripped out of you as an employee (I kid you not – you won’t realise until you’re free).

You’re NOT going to need any start-up capital except an inkjet printer and maybe a spare twenty or thirty quid to start things off. Compare that to a ‘normal’ business where you might need £70,000 to open a shop (and the rest!) or £20,000 to buy a franchise.

I’m going to give you everything you need to start in one package! You’ll be in business tomorrow!

Everything will be sent to you by email attachment immediately after payment!

To reiterate, you WILL be able to do this! There are NO CATCHES! It really is that simple!


/snip… beleave me when i say the actual listing is longer, with pictures :rolleyes:

Ok, well enough of the blurb… what kind of scam can it be.

My thought is that its a guide to doing this advert again and selling the idea again, or perhaps a pyramid type scam but other than that i can’t think how it works. :confused:

Oh and all for the sum of £6.95

Maybe we should club together and buy it :smiley:

:lol: no idea what the scam could be and a very well written ebay description, hinting to get you curious but never saying what it is…

Have you done a detail search to see how many of these are listed ?


Well, I’ve got an Ikea office in a cupboard and an inkjet printer - have you got the £6.95 Peige?

This time next year we could be milionaires :yippee:

Here are the other items he has sold… loads of the same sort of “nothing” items… hmm he must make thousands :smiley:

It must be true - he’s raking it in!

I run a Home Based business using my old ‘Digital Camera’ and computer!

I’m earning a minimum of around £1250 a month and last month I earned over £1900 (at the time of writing January 2005). I can’t see this decreasing, but most important of all – I can NEVER see myself working for anyone else as long as I live!

Only £4.95 for the secret to evarlasting riches with a dusty digital camera - a bargain :smiley:

1250 +2000 a month… i don’t know why he wastes his time talking about it on ebay, if i was earning that kind of money i’d keep it to myself… unless :flip:

has anyone noticed the p&p - how do you charge 95p for sending an email :confused: :lol:

I’m curious now - maybe thats how the dosh is made !!!



Ok shanks… you supply the ikea stuff and the paper… i’ll do the inkjet and the 6.95.
If your quick Doubletop we’ll let you in on the deal, but your going to have to bring somthing good to the table :agree:

This time next week we’re gona be soooo rich. :hehehmm:

well if we can make loads with an inkjet, how much are we going to make using a printer I have use of one of these oh and it has the multi-function finisher as well :lol:


hey guys, let me in on this “fantastic once in a lifetime too good to miss deal

… you’re all going to need refreshments while slaving over your printers and changing batteries in those cameras :smiley:

… so here I am, :slight_smile: the proud owner of an Electric Kettle, and can lay my hands on a couple of Mugs, some tea/coffee/sugar/milk … and possibly stretch to the occasional fresh juice (depending on initial income)

goes off to place order for Porche :stuck_out_tongue:

We’re going to have to close the list soon Peige :smiley: But now we’ve got some more shareholders why don’t we realy go for gold and pay £12.95 for his “EBAY MAGIC PILL METHOD” one guy says he has earnt £10,000 this month.

Enough for new kettles, new multi-function finishers ( :confused: ) My ikea office under the stairs will become Shanks Towers and we’ll all be rich.

pm Peige or me telling me when you can start - hope it’s soon cos I’ ve just written to my boss telling him where he can shove the job :rotate:

Well this is shaping up nicely i must say.

We now have.

  1. Initial idea research © and 6.95 initial investment
  2. Ikea desk and Paper (Shanks)
  3. Printer, Just about suitable for the moment (Doubletop)
  4. Electric kettle/refreshments (wolram)

What else do we need ?, come on TPR lets pull together and make a difference :hehehmm:

I’m earning a minimum of around £2000 a month and last month I earned over £2600 (at the time of writing January 2005). I can’t see this decreasing,

I’m earning a minimum of around £1250 a month and last month I earned over £1900 (at the time of writing January 2005). I can’t see this decreasing,

Find and replace job if ever there was one :wink:

got cut short on my last post, didn’t list all the printer…

business inkjet 2800
laserjet 3650
laserjet 4650
laserjet 5550

then there is the epsonC84 and a newly acquired brother multi thingy 9060 :Plot:

we could splash out and get the two digi cameras that are in Wattos shop and with my multiplication we could at least quadruple our earnings :lol:


I’m speechless, this is fantastic news…

I have a digital camera and two printers if need be, I can also supply fresh oxygen by opening windows and such…Can I be in aswell ?

Yeah of course you can Binlala, we’re going to need a few more to get all those printers going at full speed. How many kettles can you bring? The tea/coffee round is starting to mount up. :smiley:

Today tea and biscuits - tomorrow Champagne all round :clap:

i can bring two Canon MP printers, 30 boxes of paper and a digital camera, and an automatic tea/coffee maker thingy from my present employer when i tell them where to put their job if i can be in too!

I can cheap cheap alcohol…depending on what your tipple is…great thing working in a discount store…:smiley:

Printer, camera here as well! :smiley:

Oh and I make an excellent cup of tea and coffe…:smiley:

Well if we are all getting in on it :slight_smile:
I can bring a coffee maker that grinds it on coffee beans ,digital camer,2 printers,
and 1 laptop :smiley: