Einstein@Home GPU Application for ATI/AMD Graphics Cards

After more than a year of work by Oliver Bock, Bernd Machenschalk, Heinz-Bernd Eggenstein and other developers, we are pleased to announce the release of the first Einstein@Home application for ATI/AMD Graphics Cards.This OpenCL application, which searches Arecibo data for new radio pulsars, is about a factor of ten faster than the same search running on a typical CPU. The application is currently available for Windows and Linux computers with Radeon HD 5000 or better graphics cards. We hope to have a version for Macintosh (Apple OS X 10.8, Mountain Lion) sometime this summer, but there are still some problems that need to be fixed or worked around.Volunteers who wish to run this application will need to install version 7.0.27 or later of the BOINC client. Please see this thread for more information, or if you want to ask questions.Many thanks to the AMD/ATI team for their support in the OpenCL software development effort.Bruce AllenDirector, Einstein@Home[[IMG]http://einstein.phys.uwm.edu/img/opencl.png[/IMG]](http://www.khronos.org/opencl/)


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