Einstein - With optimised app

Been thinking about running Einstein for a bit to help the team out and to increase my points slightly beyond less than a 1000.

Was wondering how easy it is to set up the Einstein optimised client, what sort of time it knocks off and how it affects the points.:slight_smile:

Any help would be nice…I know we have few Einstein crunchers and fewer still running the optimised.:frowning:

I intend to move my main rig about about a bit now…Keeping CPDN going but alternating between SIMAP and Predicotr with a third changing project…(probably Einstein, Stazki and LHC)

Running an A64 3500+ if thats any help?

I’m crunching Einstein… I didn’t know there was an optimized client.

…Do you have a url? :slight_smile:


There the links to the optimised clients. Thats BOINC clients. Follow the instructions to increase your benchmarks.

The optimised einstein APP is here:-

You unzip that to the einstein folder in BOINC…
something like

C:\Program Files\BOINC\projects\einstein.phys.uwm.edu

and it makes the einstein application much much quicker.

http://forums.teamphoenixrising.net/showthread.php?t=38061 is where I originally posted the info. Looks like it might work…

I’ve been running the optomized client for months now. HUGE improvement over the standard client. Right around 2x the output. No errors that I know of.

Thank you gentlemen! I’ll try it next weekend. :slight_smile:

I just downloaded optimized client and now it takes 2 hours less.

Here’s my first encounter with it…


I’m using an optmised BOINC client and the optmised app. If you run the app as well, that should drop your WU times to about 3 hours :smiley:

Here is one of my first results…


…Claimed credit: 7.33, Granted credit: 17.62

(Kinda like taking candy from a baby!) :smiley:

Sweet! :thumbsup: Gotta love those optomized clients. Now if Berkeley and associated company would just do that from the start… Faster crunch times means faster data return for them.