Einstein's Theory 'Improved'?

A scientist from the University of St Andrews has fine-tuned Einstein’s groundbreaking theory of gravity, creating a ‘simple’ law which could solve a dark mystery that has baffled astrophysicists for three-quarters of a century.
All things do change in time!

Hmm Exciting stuff :slight_smile: Thanks Heidi. Lets see what the April peer review brings forth.

Had a headache before I read that, which was maybe not bright. Very cool stuff, though. For the longest time I thought that the invention of Dark Matter was people wanting a cyclic or collapsing Universe making something up because they needed it. Only lately have I begun to see references to observations that hint that something is there that can’t be observed, but can be felt.

Veeewwwy cool, these physics things.

that makes my morning of tiptoe’ing the line between tax avoidance and evasion under recent UK pension legislation seem quite easy in comparison.

the worrying thing is that i think i understood some of it!