Hi, I’m new to this team, I’m switching from another team which I’m not sure was the best fit for me, but this looks pretty good, so I think ill give this forum a try. Well, I notice the star wars theme… I’m not the biggest SW fan but I am a geek and into sci-fi. Also it’s good to find a forum with gamers (I play a good deal of UT2004).
So yea… Hi…

Howdy and welcome! :wave:

Hi there Isaac welcome to TPR hope you wiped your feet on the mat on the way in :stuck_out_tongue:

You will fit in nice here plenty of ppl on here play UT2004 i dont play it myself the game is too fast for me.

No doubt the pimps will be along soon i will leave it to them you will find out soon what i am talking about dont be scared you dont have to sell your sole or anything.

We are a friendly lot it might be a bit quiet this weekend most ppl are all at a meet in wales so its usually quiet when these happen because they are mostly at the bar or recovering from hangovers.

Hope you enjoy it here. Have fun

Helen xx


Green things & salivations.

Hello there! :wave:

Do you crunch?..Can I tempt you with a little Rosetta :Pimp:

We are recruiting more crunchers to help take us to the #5 slot worldwide:cool:

Hi welcome!

I play UT2004…(badly I know…) but it is a good game.

Do you run any distributed computing projects?
If not, I could intrest you in some SIAMP? Or climate prediction? We always needs some more crunchers :slight_smile:

Anyhow, welome again :wave:

Welcome to TPR :wave:

Welcome to the team Isaac! :slight_smile:

welcome to the team Isaac. hope you have a long and happy stay

Thanks for the welcome.

And yes… I do crunch. Mainly I do SETI, (my rac is low because I’ve been crunching hashclash for the last week or so though).
Iv’e done a little CPDN and Rosetta and some other projects.
I only have one comp right now (Athlon 64 3200+), but it can do something.:slight_smile:

Oh and by the way, I might be dragging a few friends along to this team in the near future.

Seti is good… and welcome btw

Seti is good, but Rosetta is better :chuckle:

Rosetta is much more stable now than in the past. Far fewer stuck units and you would be crunching for a team that is going places (to #5 we hope).

The AMD64 3200+ can certainly do something. With the right setup you could reach 900+ credits per day on Rosetta. :cool:

Hope to see you there, bring your friends too :wave:

Your gonna have to tell me how to get my 3500+ to get 900 + then!:eek:

Welcome aboard :nanawave:

YGPM :wink:

Welcome aboard Iasaac :wavey:

HI! Nice to see some fresh blood! Most of us, are just too old :slight_smile:

Have fun crunching - feel free to bring your units/credits/whatevertheycallthemnowadays over to TPR :smiley:


Wow… if you really can show me how to get 900 credits a day out of an Athlon 3200+… I’ll be happy to crunch Rosetta for TPR. :smiley: